We are excited to officially announce the launch of Marketplace - a powerful ecosystem of complementary and value-added third-party applications that are designed to seamlessly integrate with the POS system. Marketplace applications are designed to add functionality to our POS software and create a wide range of operational efficiencies that will save merchants money, free up counter space, improve reporting and streamline operations.

Marketplace is powered by Mozart client. Mozart enables cloud connectivity to a traditional POS platform and activates two-way communication (including transference of ticket data) up to the Lighthouse cloud platform and Marketplace. Mozart also powers the Lighthouse cloud connectivity for SkyTab!

As part of our Marketplace launch, we are excited to announce our first premier partner integration - DoorDash. DoorDash is the nation's largest and fastest-growing on-demand food delivery service to integrate with our POS Marketplace!

  • With this integration, the POS menu can easily be pushed to DoorDash and orders placed through DoorDash will now be able to sync directly with Restaurant Manager POS Systems.
  • By integrating online ordering and delivery services into the POS system, merchants are able to eliminate the need for separate iPads or tablets dedicated to managing these services, saving the restaurant money, freeing up counter space, and streamlining operations. That functionality can now be seamlessly incorporated into the POS, enabling all orders to be managed from one central location.
  • In addition to increased operational efficiency and cost savings, this integration also greatly improves the merchant's reporting data since all orders are being handled by a single system.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 By admin