Restaurant Manager Interfaces

Restaurant Manager Interfaces

RM Accounting Interface (P/R, G/L for Quickbooks)

The Accounting Interface module is an optional feature which allows information within RESTAURANT MANAGER to be transferred to third party accounting packages.
The Point of Sale QuickBooks Interface (POSQBi) is an application that bridges between the Restaurant Manager Point of Sale system (RMPOS) and the QuickBooks accounting package.

RM Club Interfase ( Club Data or TAI Systems)
Rm Gift Card Interfase (MPs, Givex, First Data, Valutec)

Multi-store chains that wish to track sales and redemptions of gift cards in real time rely on Restaurant Manager’s online gift card service, one of many integrated Web Services that work with the Restaurant Manager POS System. Seamless integration between the POS system and Web Services ensures that selling gift cards is a snap. It also guarantees accurate and instantaneous processing so that gift cards may be redeemed at any location immediately following purchase, regardless of which store issued the card.

RM Hardware Interfase.

RM Hardware 3rd Party Interfase to;
( Caller ID, Coin Dispenser, Customer Confirmation Display, Digital Signage, FingerPrint Reader, KDS, Liquor Control, Scales, Scanner, Video Overlay)

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