Restaurant Manager

RM Monitor

Get Any Information at Any Time from Anywhere

With Restaurant Manager’s RM Monitor you can have real-time visibility into key operational and management data via a variety of mobile devices including an iPhone, BlackBerry, as well as a web browser. In just a few seconds you can access the most up-to-date data important to managing and monitoring your establishment helping to prevent loss, reduce theft, improve customer service and boost your bottom line. Keep tabs on key real-time data about your restaurant whether you are on site or away, at home, on vacation, or tending to other business.

Businesses who use RM Monitor benefit from

Control costs, boost revenue and prevent loss

Receive real-time alerts for items such as employees nearing overtime for the day or week, large dollar value / number of voids or deletions or high spending tables.

Improve table turns

Check RM Monitor to see how tables are performing and encouraging servers to cross-sell or up-sell; details on open tables and tabs including server assigned, check total and average spend.

Reduce fraud

Instantly view a summary of discounted or reprinted checks, excessive voids and deletions.

Manage from anywhere

RM Monitor lets you easily access all the important information via a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android or a browser.

Extensive visibility into operations

Select from hundreds of Backoffice reports to be delivered on demand via your mobile device in an easy to read .pdf format