Restaurant Manager POS

Quick Service Restaurant

Focus on the customer, not the computer

Speed, accuracy and reliability

Restaurant Manager’s Quick Service POS System (QSR) is comprehensive POS software that helps you increase revenue, decrease costs and improve efficiencies. It focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager, you get robust operational functionality, and the information needed to solve real business issues and ensure return business.

Businesses who use this POS software benefit from

Operational flexibility

Large, colorful screen buttons can be easily programmed with Restaurant Manager. This makes it easy for servers to fill customer orders quickly and sends instant, accurate and legible information to the food prep staff.

Increased Sales Options

With extensive reporting features like real-time sales statistics, product mix reports, stock and item counters, and server sales totals, you spend more time with your customers and still keep up with the latest profit margin and performance measures.

Quickly trained employees

Intuitive software interface means new employees can easily get up-to-speed, which is important in this high-labor turnover industry.

Print and display for food preparation

Make fewer kitchen errors and improve customer satisfaction with features such as “updated item” banner alerts and displaying the quantity for modifiers.

Customer-Focused Functions

Flexible ordering options allow customers to place special orders without slowing down the ordering time. Automatically tracks orders to group eligible ‘combo’ items together.

Back office reporting

Robust and flexible reporting helps you make better business decisions. Improve management with these reports and stay in compliance with local regulators.

“Before we had Restaurant Manager, servers weren't charging for small add-ons, like a side of peanut butter for example. Restaurant Manager's Quick Service POS makes it easy to catch these small sales so I don’t lose that revenue.”

Darren Dovin, Owner, Happy Days Diner

Enhance your Restaurant POS System with these value-added services

Promotions & Coupons

Complete POS control of powerful marketing to reach out and extend a bar or nightclubs customer base

Customer Loyalty

Promotes special offers to customers and tracks the way they earn and redeem points for their purchases

Coin Dispensers

Speed up service and allow for easy cash management

Gift Cards

Increase your sales and expand market reach to web-based or in-store

Kitchen Display Monitors

Paperless, accurate management of customer orders on the kitchen line with complete performance metric

Order Confirmation Display

Ensures accurate orders, increased order throughput and customer satisfaction

Online Ordering

Gives customers the convenience they want while managing your entire menu from one place

Guest Paging

  • Reduce wait times
  • Maintain a quieter atmosphere by eliminating the need for an overhead PA system
  • Locate guests more quickly

Inventory Control & Stock Counters

Comprehensive or simple management of inventory resources


A combination of state-of-the-art hardware with a simple and intuitive Restaurant POS software, Restaurant Manager’s SkyTab solution provides a guest facing pay-at-the-table (PATT) experience for your restaurant. From PATT to tableside reordering to customer engagement, SkyTab provides the tools you need to boost your bottom line and make your restaurant customers happy.